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    Welcome to the Largest Minecraft Survival Server!

    The expert teams behind the scenes at MSScentral work tirelessly to improve gameplay. Custom plugins and commands make for an enhanced experience on the Minecraft survival server. What draws hoards of players to MSScentral is the simplicity of the server: a monumental survival map where an unlimited number of games can be taking place simultaneously. With the thriving population found on our Minecraft Server, you’ll have a new and thrilling experience each time you log on. We invite you to explore our server and become part of the family.

    Join our forums for the lastest updates, events, and interact with other players just like you playing on the most epic server ever! We offer the opportunity for gamers to play lag free in a respectful community environment. Our Staff Team take great pride in protecting the server and refuse to see it crash like many other servers. We work extremely hard to bring you unique, originally created content, and to keep our dedicated server running smoothly forever. A donation of any kind helps support the server in making more, higher quality content for decades to come.

    We'll see you on the inside!



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    In the World's Largest Minecraft Survival Server, the stakes are much higher and the rewards ultimately much greater. You'll be hard pressed to find the same kind of unique, mind-blowing content on any other Minecraft survival server. We invite you to explore and become part of the family!
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