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    During survival mode, Minecraft players have to gather natural resources (such as iron, stone and wood) discovered in the natural environment in order to create certain blocks and objects. Based on the difficulty, creatures spawn in dark locations around a certain radius of the player, demanding the player to create a shelter at nighttime to survive. Survival mode also features a health bar which is reduced by attacks from falls, monsters, lava, drowning, starvation, suffocation, and many other various events. Players on the Minecraft survival server also have a hunger bar, which must be regularly recharged by consuming food in-game, besides in "Peaceful" difficulty, in which the hunger bar does not deplete. If the hunger bar is exhausted, natural healing will halt and at some point health will deplete completely.

    Health restores when players have a nearly complete hunger bar, and also regenerates no matter of fullness if players have on the "Peaceful" difficulty while playing. There are a large selection of items that Minecraft players can create in Minecraft. Players can craft armour, which usually can help reduce damage from monster attacks, while weapons such as bows or swords can be made to defeat enemies and many other animals. Players may obtain resources to help craft tools, such as shovels, axes, or pickaxes, utilized to cut down trees, dig dirt, and mine ores, respectively; equipment that is made of diamond perform their duties more rapidly than tools made of wood or stone and can be used more before they break. Minecraft players can also buy and sell goods with villager mobs or with other players on the server.

    Minecraft players have an inventory during survival mode, and players in-game can only hold a limited number of items. Upon death of a player, all items in the players' inventories are dropped, and players will re-spawn at the spawn point, which is set to where players begin the game, but can be changed if players sleep in a bed. Dropped items can be retrieved if players can get to them before they despawn. Players can acquire experience points by killing monsters and other players, smelting ores, mining, breeding animals, and even by cooking food. Experience gained can then be used on enchanting tools, weapons and armour. Enchanted items are usually generally more strong, last much longer, or have other unique effects.

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